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When I first tried these products, I loved them, but .... I was my usual self and didnt give them the chance by doing them right. Weight loss takes effort, it's not a lucky thing! I kept eating things I shouldnt have and just left it down to chance. How wrong I was!!!

So now, Im on my journey! Im using the products correctly, I've started pool-walking (as I have rheumatoid arthritis and my joints arent great). I was brave enough to buy a swimming costume (although I am so embarrassed to wear it because of my size) but I had to break out of that comfort zone and make a start. So here I go!!!

I have taken my "before" pics and am ready to see a change. Im on the chocolate flavour Trim every morning and I add some gut health beads to it (we all know when the gut is healthy, everything else works). Im making TikTok videos and sharing them on several social media platforms and I hope I can help others achieve the same results that I do. Im also taking Liquid Biocell collagen too to help my skin as it shrinks, even though there is half a day's serving of the collagen in the Trim sauce too. I want to make the most of these products.

I am on other products from my company and I'll go into them in later blogs. I am definitely feeling healthier, and I will be sharing pictures and results soon.

So here we go!!!!

  • kemcgowan6

I will be putting up a weekly blog post from now on, sharing my journey with these amazing products and of my health too. I hope you enjoy!

  • kemcgowan6

So for the past year things really have been a bit topsy turvy. I thought I had found the products that I wanted to promote but I just couldnt feel at home. No matter what I did, it just didnt feel right in my gut and I was really missing promoting weight loss. I absolutely love weight loss. I tried a few companies but my heart wasnt in it!

Recently I got in touch with someone who gave me hope! This girl had gone from 300lb to 145lb!!! I was gobsmacked and she did this, without giving up her favourite foods!!! I had to learn more so I contacted her and after a few conversations I was onboard. She used calorie deficit & these products, that have won several awards and are multi-patented. They also contained a pure liquid collagen (which has also won awards), it felt right!!!

The weight loss product contained collagen too which is a clever idea as your skin becomes dehyrated during weight loss and causes sagging and wrinkles, so I immediately knew this was the one I wanted. I am being coached by this amazing person in calorie deficit and am using several of the products. I cant believe that it tastes like chocolate sauce too!!

I have uploaded all of the natural health products that this company provides and it feels like Ive found my home. Back where I belong with weight loss products!!!

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