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Ok, so I missed an update last week, had a few things going on so I didnt get to blog but Im back todayyyyyyyyyy!!!

So what's been happening? My pool-walking is going great, Im going 3 times a week and am enjoying it. Im now up to 20 lengths of walking so Im hoping it's going to start working with my leg joints and starting to firm up my legs. Love it! To think I was embarrassed to get into a swimming costume at first (I actually pretend that if I dont look at myself, then nobody can see me lol).

I started my new Body Transformation System today. It's a 3 way system of the Trim weight loss syrup, carb burner capsules and a Fibre drink. Hoping for good results this month. Im already on the Trim so Im looking forward to adding these extra products to really boost weight loss. I've switched from the Skin collagen to the Life collagen, its is definitely helping my knee joints and hopefully my hair loss is starting to get sorted #fingerscrossed

I also bought a smart hula hoop although Im havent really started using it yet. Been watching youtube videos on it though, so does that count? lol. Once Im happy with results, I'll definitely be sharing them on here. Until next week!!!

Ok, it's near the end of the month and what does our company do - it looks after its customers by giving a huge sale!!! Woohoo!!!

So if you're in Europe, you get a free Aloe drink, free Phytoreds drink and a free company-branded spoon when you purchase the Body Transformation System!!! How cool is that! Starting at 4pm today (Friday 29 July) and ending 11pm on Sunday 31 July. That is a saving of £40 plus if you are a new customer, you save a further £10!!! (Link -

If you're in the US, you get a free sunless tanning foam (which is amazing by the way - no streaks at all and is worth $34.99) when you spend $99 or more!!! It's from the same link as above! Im just going crazy here with the excitement!!!

What have I been up to aside from these bargains? Ive continued with my pool-walking. I aim to do it 3 times a week and when my joints get stronger, I may increase it (fingers crossed). Im just happy to start changing my shape and look forward to looking a bit slimmer next summer lol.

Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I'll check in with you again next week!!

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When I first tried these products, I loved them, but .... I was my usual self and didnt give them the chance by doing them right. Weight loss takes effort, it's not a lucky thing! I kept eating things I shouldnt have and just left it down to chance. How wrong I was!!!

So now, Im on my journey! Im using the products correctly, I've started pool-walking (as I have rheumatoid arthritis and my joints arent great). I was brave enough to buy a swimming costume (although I am so embarrassed to wear it because of my size) but I had to break out of that comfort zone and make a start. So here I go!!!

I have taken my "before" pics and am ready to see a change. Im on the chocolate flavour Trim every morning and I add some gut health beads to it (we all know when the gut is healthy, everything else works). Im making TikTok videos and sharing them on several social media platforms and I hope I can help others achieve the same results that I do. Im also taking Liquid Biocell collagen too to help my skin as it shrinks, even though there is half a day's serving of the collagen in the Trim sauce too. I want to make the most of these products.

I am on other products from my company and I'll go into them in later blogs. I am definitely feeling healthier, and I will be sharing pictures and results soon.

So here we go!!!!