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New Year, new health

So it's the first day of the new year and I managed to keep to healthy eating all day lol. Ive been using the Slimming World plan to keep my food healthy and Im also boosting my weight loss using our Europa Cocoa hot chocolate. I absolutely love it, it's a Belgian Chocolate flavour and tastes absolutely divine! Some weight loss products can be so rank but this is so dreamy. Im taking it first thing in the morning & make it in the hot choc velvetiser that my hubby bought me for Christmas.

Brekkies consisted of Baked Oats and fruit, lunch was Peri Peri potatoes and dinner was a SW pizza (using a wrap). Ive had a SW bar as a treat and munched on fruit and yoghurt. Feeling pretty pleased with myself for staying good, despite a hypo this afternoon and needing a jelly baby lol. Let's see how day 2 goes!

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