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This has been a good week!

So I decided I needed to make a change! I reached out to my upline as she is a nutritionist, and asked her about calorie deficit. I need to shift this weight and being honest with myself, I wasnt doing it right at all!

So on Monday, I logged in to MyFitnessPal app and started over again, filling in all the info. I then got my Pinch of Nom cookbooks out and started planning my meals.

I have been exercising in the pool and walking too. Gaining the extra calories due to exercise gives me a bit of flexibility but I try not to use them so I lose weight quicker. So far so good!

I have also changed my groups on Facebook. Usually my group was used for products and offers etc but after talking with a leader in the company, I need to offer value rather than trying to make sales so I changed my group to Women over 40, so I can offer value and help to my own niche. Im also hoping it will encourage others to participate in the group. I have set up a separate products and promos group for those interested in the products and for when there is a sale. I just dont want the women in my group to think Im being pushy and salesy, as I want to reach out and help others, so that's why I changed it to a value group and am keeping the products group separate for those interested in the products.

So, moving forward this week, Im enjoying my calorie deficit and my groups. Im also enjoying watching Youtube videos of Dr Joe Dispenza, who believes in the power of the mind. Let's see where this takes me lol. Until next week!!!

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