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Topsy Turvy

So for the past year things really have been a bit topsy turvy. I thought I had found the products that I wanted to promote but I just couldnt feel at home. No matter what I did, it just didnt feel right in my gut and I was really missing promoting weight loss. I absolutely love weight loss. I tried a few companies but my heart wasnt in it!

Recently I got in touch with someone who gave me hope! This girl had gone from 300lb to 145lb!!! I was gobsmacked and she did this, without giving up her favourite foods!!! I had to learn more so I contacted her and after a few conversations I was onboard. She used calorie deficit & these products, that have won several awards and are multi-patented. They also contained a pure liquid collagen (which has also won awards), it felt right!!!

The weight loss product contained collagen too which is a clever idea as your skin becomes dehyrated during weight loss and causes sagging and wrinkles, so I immediately knew this was the one I wanted. I am being coached by this amazing person in calorie deficit and am using several of the products. I cant believe that it tastes like chocolate sauce too!!

I have uploaded all of the natural health products that this company provides and it feels like Ive found my home. Back where I belong with weight loss products!!!

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