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  • kemcgowan6

So, 5 weeks ago, I started my "serious" effort with weight loss and Im pleased to say I have lost 11.5lb in 5 weeks!!!

On week 1 I used hot chocolate only and lost 3lb

On week 2 I used hot chocolate and introduced carb burners and lost 5lb

On week 3 my doctor put me on steroids for 4 weeks and told me to expect a gain of about 3-4lb, I only put on 0.5lb!

On week 4 I actually lost 2.5lb!

On week 5 I lost 1.5lb!

Im amazed at these products - losing 11.5lb in 5 weeks is a dream come true for me. This week will be my first week off the carb burners so it will be interesting to see how it goes but Im determined to get that summer body, all by adding these products to my diet - with no strict diet or exercise!!! I totally recommend these products!

  • kemcgowan6

Im really enjoying my carb burners - I have only just started these but the natural energy Im getting from them is amazing!!! Im looking forward to jumping on the scales next week now lol.

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  • kemcgowan6

I have to be honest, I really haven't been as good as I wanted to be. I think I need more willpower - where can I buy that? lol. I started off the year good but that sweet-tooth of mine always gets the better of me. I wasnt putting any effort into my weight loss journey and my weight just wavered up and down so I decided that I had to put my foot down on myself and needed to make an effort as I have a holiday booked this July to Portugal (booked last summer - let's hope we are actually able to go abroad). I cant go away the size that I am so I got back onto our weight management hot chocolate and carb burner capsules after losing 3lb the previous week. Onto day 2 so far and feeling good. WIll update in here after next weigh in. Stay good!

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